Sound Design

Sound effects are crucial to how players experience the game they play. Finishing combo moves, completing quests, discovering new areas, unlocking precious items—games contain many elements that feel more engaging when combined with suitable sounds. The more engaging a game is, the better it feels. The better a game feels, the more players enjoy playing it. The more players enjoy the game, the more it is played, streamed and purchased.

In order to produce high quality sound effects, I combine recording techniques with modern digital sound manipulation procedures and sound synthesis in an efficient way. My sound design experience includes:

– Dialog recording, editing, processing and mixing;
– User interface;
– Interactive cutscenes and cinematics;
– Creatures (e.g. robots, werewolves and orcs);
– Medieval weaponry (e.g. various one- and two-handed weapons, including shields);
– Science-fiction weaponry (e.g. blaster guns, and laser rifles;
– Spells and special powers or abilities (e.g. fiery and frosty projectiles and explosions, healings spells and buffs);
– Destructibles and debris;
– Vehicles (e.g. cars, rocket machinery and lunar rovers);
– Building and structures (e.g. doors, elevators, switches, generators and other structural machinery);
– Environments and ambiences;
– Recording sound effects at location (e.g. creeks and waterfalls).