Coded audio

Middleware serves as a game’s sound engine: it governs the playback behaviour of all music and sounds in a game. Compared with native sound engines, middleware allows for better quality audio, easier implementation and more flexibility. Using middleware, music and sound designers…
– Deliver audio in coded format, ready for use on any platform (PC/console etc.);
– Create audio that is responsive to the game;
– Ensure realistic in-game audio behaviour;
– Save valuable programmer time;
– Easily introduce diversity and randomization to audio assets, preventing monotony and repetition;
– Flexibly revise audio according to client wishes and project changes;
– Efficiently guard the audio asset budget (both financially and in terms of memory).

In short, middleware makes your game sound great and realistic efficiently. I use middleware for exactly that purpose. Proficient at both FMOD Studio and Wwise, I deliver audio that is dynamic, realistic, flexible, efficient and unique.